MAD, short for Make A Difference is an initiative to help the conservation of wildlife, protecting animals and to create awareness of animal welfare, be it a kitchen rat, garden squirrel or endangered tiger. Stopping the global wildlife poaching crisis requires all of us to do our part.

Rangers are serving on the front lines protecting wildlife. WWF is working with U.S. officials to combat illegal wildlife trade and all of you are helping to save vanishing species one badge at a time. Together, we CAN make a difference.

As skyrocketing demand for illegal ivory, rhino horn and tiger parts escalates, ruthless criminal networks plunder the wild. Wildlife crime is estimated to be worth $10 billion annually to criminals and it costs the planet some of the world’s best-loved species. Take the pledge to stop wildlife crime and ensure the future of vulnerable wildlife on our planet. Do not buy any illegal wildlife products as the demand drives poaching.

Share your passion about stopping wildlife crime with your friends and family. With every products purchased from MAD, MAD will donate all the proceeds towards MAD's Mission which is to help the conservation of wildlife and animals and also stop cruelty towards animals. Your support for MAD is our fuel to help the animals. Let's make a difference TODAY!

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MAD Sketch book series is available in four sizes, A6, B6, A5 and B5. Each of them are 64 pages sketch books made from environmental friendly, biodegradable and compostable palm paper. The inner sheets are weighed at 80gsm per piece.

The Sketch Book series are sold separately as well as a whole set. Purchase of the whole set includes one(1) choice of MAD Badge Series, badge collection for FREE. Shipping for MAD Sketch Book Series is also Free and all proceeds goes for the protection of animals.

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There is a saying, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened". MAD is all about saving the animals, whether it is for their well being, giving them another chance to have a second life or even saving them from cruelty towards their kind.

MAD'S Mission Statement

  1. Every 500 MYR collected will be donated to organizations like WWF Malaysia, SPCA Malaysia, Paw's Mission, SanctuaryOne, Rescue2Rehome etc; depending on MAD's montly mission, which will be announced in MAD's facebook page every month to help save and protect the animals.
  2. More products will be introduced in the near future to reach our goal, collecting 5000 MYR to save animals by 2013 or hopefully earlier. All proceeds from the sales goes out in the form of cash donation to the non profit organizations.
  3. MAD fully support eco-friendly materials, products and also supports handmade initiatives and projects. We welcome collaborations with one condition, all proceeds goes to help animals.

MAD's way of conserving the planet’s natural resources includes public awareness, social responsibilities and taking action at every level and ensure the delivery of funds that meet the needs of both people and animals. MAD also encourages eco friendly materials, products and handmade items to reduce our carbon footprints. By saving the environment, we are indirectly conserving the animal's habitat for the future. You can help support our work in many ways— by sharing our mission, by purchasing MAD badges or our future products and by pledging to place animals first. Together, We must Make A Difference.

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Purchase a badge, or all of 'em. You can even make a donation. All proceeds goes out to help these animals.

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